Version of Someone’s Version of Someone’s Version of a Fly


Fly tying is an interesting thing.  So many techniques and pattern usages are “borrowed” from other people – even so there is still room for innovation and creation.  For the past few years Jeff at Fly Fish the Mitt has fished with good success his version of a pattern created by Thomas Harvey and tied by Brian Wise seen in the video:

My version is different than Jeff’s version, which is different than Brian’s version which is possibly different than the original version.  Sometimes versions of the same pattern change because of material availability, tying skill, local conditions, etc., but none the less its good to draw inspiration from others.


  1. Marabou tail
  2. Bunny strip tied in, overhanging bunny strip, leave enough to pull over the hook shank towards the front
  3. Senyo’s aqua veil (I double up 2 strands to create a fuller effect)
  4. Pull remaining bunny over the top of the hook shank and lash down at the eye


  1. Beadlon and 4 beads


  1. Small tuft of marabou to cover junction
  2. Repeat steps with bunny and aqua veil as on the rear hook – but leave room at the head
  3. Tie in darker colored senyos laser dub (or fusion dub) on top of hook
  4. Tie in lighter colored senyos laser dub (or fusion dub) on bottom of hook
  5. Glue on Fish Skull Living Eyes

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