Weekly Review

weekly review


This….found at The Fiberglass Manifesto…makes me feel happy and inadequate all at the same time.

Over at Gink and Gasoline, Cameron discusses guiding tips – there are some really great quotes in this one too!

As Jeff at Fly Fish the Mitt plays catch up – he details the day that Rich finally slayed the dragon.

At Trout on the Fly – when fish got to eat, feed ’em your meat.

Ultimate Streamer Episode featuring Mike Schmidt – posted at Frankenfly

OMG – this Tshirt is way more rad than our idea.

Also, if you want to buy one of our dumb shirts let us know soon, I mean it’s not like all the cool kids are doing it or anything (actually they all are – so you’ll probably be the only one without one).  Pre-order is nearly wrapped up and if you don’t get in soon – you’ll be left on the outside looking in, like the fat kid peering through the windows of an ice cream shop.  Nobody likes to be the fat kids looking all sad.  Click here for more info.



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