A Streamer Fisherman is Born 5-4-14

Fly Fish the Mitt



This day would mark the arrival of a new streamer fisherman. An addiction…a sickness. I think once a fisherman hits a trout at the 25+” mark on a streamer there’s no turning back. It’s all you think about; the river, the flow, the seams, the angles, the inside bends…the flash a yellow that’s forever burned in your mind. It changes you. It locks you in and never allows you to look at other types of fly fishing the same. Dry flies and nymphing only pass the time until you’re able to throw large bugs at alpha trout once again. It’s a bit of a curse that nothing can cure except more of it.

We fished a river well known for holding big trout. People spend years on this water and come up empty handed, routinely saying “Whelp…just another day on river X”. It’s the expectation, no different this day…

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