New App Released for Swing Fishers

Hero Helper

Are you tired of having to describe all those swing plucks, grabs, and pulls without the satisfaction of a Hero photo?  Are you tired of Dirty Ass Nymphers getting all the glory while you are left with only your “good solid pull but he got off” stories?  What if you could get a picture of the one that got away?  The creators of Fish Brah bring you Hero Helper.  Hero Helper lets you memorialize that fish you just farmed in stunning brilliance.  This powerful app lets you cut and paste the fish image of your choice on your best hero pose after the fish is dropped.  It’s that simple.

Check out the killer day this Brah had.


Trophy Steelhead


Elusive Michigan Tarpon


Late Season Smallie

Protect your Brah status and give yourself the credit you deserve with the Hero Helper.  App is “live” and available in both the Apple Store and Google Playstore.  iOS and Andriod both feature the same options.

Tues bananas


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