Flyfishing Downgraded to “Interest”

Can Mio reverse the trend?


S&P announced today that they will be downgrading the sport of flyfishing from “hobby” to “Interest”.  Apparently the agency placed the sport on a watch list last winter following the annual film festival which reported low attendance and included several residential basement venues.  Other factors contributing to the sport’s downgrade included a credible report that only four operating fly shops in the United States posted a profit last year without having to rely on under the counter meth sales.

If the sport can’t turn itself around then S&P may be forced to downgrade it once more to the dreaded “fad” rating. This would most certainly be the proverbial nail in the coffin.  When asked for their comment, the Federation of Locally United Fly Fishing Enterprise Retailers (FLUFFER), issued this statement “Flyfishing will again rise! We are certain that all the popular celebrities like Dan Rather, Jimmy Carter, and Harrison Ford will connect the youth of today with the joy of our beloved Interest”.

Tues bananas


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