Baldwin, MI Resumes AA (Anglers Anonymous) Meetings

Anglers Anonymous (AA) meetings are set to resume this fall in Baldwin, MI.  AA is a forum for fishermen to support one-another in a non-judgmental and accepting environment.  Although meetings are open to all, attendees are primarily fly fishermen saddled with the guilt and shame of employing unsavory methods.  “Hardware and bait guys attend sometimes but I think they just get a kick out of all the fly guys who can’t stop themselves from behaving badly” commented Aaron Pierce, the meeting’s organizer.


If you have fished bait and claimed to use flies, enjoy a good “if I spot em I got em” salmon session, like to show off flies you claim to have tyed but didn’t, fished any bug dangling from a tree on the White River, find yourself commenting on all social media fly fishing topics in an effort to get respect, or claim to have caught 2 or more lake run browns swinging the Rogue River in one afternoon, you should consider attending.

Anglers Anonymous abruptly cancelled all meetings in September of 2013 after the fallout from a seemingly harmless typo in the Baldwin Gazette.  The newspaper announced the weekly AA meeting times but failed to clarify whether it was Anglers or Alcoholics Anonymous.  After realizing the mix-up, the two groups apparently decided to enjoy a late night fishing trip which resulted in two drownings, 18 DUIs, 6 divorces, and hundreds of dead salmon. “It was a drunken massacre” claimed Police Chief Dale Fagen who claims to fly fish but was recently spotted with a yellow rod in his pickup. Hopes are high that Anglers Anonymous will get back on track and help all those silently suffering with bad angling behavior.

Tues bananas


One response

  1. Bernie Bluto

    It’s so good to have AA back I’ve been having the feeling you where not coming back this year.


    September 30, 2014 at 6:52 pm

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