Chum’n Made Easy

Michigan DNRs landmark decision to lift the ban on chumming has left Michigan bait fishermen ill-equipped for launching eggs into those runs and holes. That was the case until Bait Buddy, Inc. rolled out their line of revolutionary products this week. “It’s time to equip fishermen with proper tools to fire up them holes” says Bud Skinner, Bait Buddy’s founder and Chief Chum Chucker. Their products include the Chum Chum, Eggs Over Easy, and the amazing Chuminator 6000.

Time to Bench the Gatorade Bottle

Time to Bench the Gatorade Bottle

The Chum Chum is a hand-held non-motorized unit designed for the walk-n-wade angler. This unit has a 3 gallon reservoir, shoulder sling, and hand launcher with an optional forearm strap. Days of gatorade jugs and slimy stink hands are over thanks to the Chum Chum. The unit is finished out in digi-camo for those who don’t like to advertise their practices (and we all know there are quite a few of y’all out there).

Eggs Over Easy is a portable unit that runs on three 6 volt batteries housed in the base of the unit. The EOE has a directional spout allowing for precise delivery. The unit rests atop a 1 gallon basin capable of launching up to 100 eggs in 20 seconds. Remote control will be available on the 2016 model for anglers looking for discretion when flippin’ eggs.

The Chuminator 6000 is the flagship model according to Skinner. The unit is a fixed mount mini-canon capable of delivering a payload of 6000 eggs per charge up to a half acre. Not for the faint at heart, this beast packs a recoil similar to that of a 12 gauge shotgun. The Chuminator is available in gas or electric and is one badass egg launching machine for serious bait chuckers.

Fishermen no longer have to look both ways before flipping a handful of loose eggs into the run.  Now that MDNR has given the green light it’s time to get serious about throwing eggs and Bait Buddy is on board with their line of chum gear.  Rumor has it that Skinner has a warehouse of snagging lures and has started to lobby the agency to return to the good ole’ days.

Tues bananas


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  1. Chet Lemon

    Shoot dang! All my neighbors will be knee deep in trout after I pick up one of these beauties!


    May 14, 2014 at 11:51 am

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