Ode to My Mom

So, my mom is a pretty special person.  Her entire adult life has revolved around the family – she without a doubt is the family’s CEO, Chief Nutritionist, Human Resources Manager, Event Planner, Senior Administrator, Lead Therapist, and Health Officer.

She, more than anyone I know, has the ability to wear all of these hats and fulfill all of these duties concurrently – and does so with an astounding ease.

The interesting thing about my relationship with my mom is that while she still has the ability to strike the “Fear of God” in me with a simple look, she is also the greatest friend that I have ever had.   I can count on less than both hands the number of days that have passed in my life that I haven’t talked to her.


She has always provided me with a safety net that has allowed me to chase my dreams and follow my passions.  She has inspired and encouraged me.  She has guided me and disciplined me.  Above all else, she has always exhibited an unwavering support.

It is because of my mom, that I thoughtfully plan out each riverside meal to share with the people I fish with.  She’s always had a unique way of bringing people together through her unbelievable cooking – I try to do the same.


If you ever have the pleasure of meeting my mom, I’m sure the first thing that she will tell you about is her family.  She’s always put that above all else.  Thanks for being you mom!


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