10 Signs You’re in a More Committed Relationship with Your Bro than Your Wife


I’m sure you’ve heard of a bromance before – but have probably just cast off that notion with little or no thought to it ever applying to you. Here are the top 10 signs that you might actually be fully engaged in a bromance.

10.  You have pet names for each other.  Sure, I get it – you refer to them as nicknames.   However when you are on a strictly first name basis with you wife but more apt to call your buddy JMFC or Tiny Elvis or whatever else you may use to identify a homey – there may be a deeper connection there.

9.  You have more pictures of you and your bro in your facebook page than you have of you and your wife in any form.  The higher the ratio of bro pics to wife pics, the deeper your relationship.

8. You complain about your wife to your bro – but never say one bad thing about your main dude to your wife.  Just maybe this is some way of indicating to your bud that you aren’t really as much into your wife as you are him.

7. You dress alike.  Could you imagine putting on matching outfits and going to the mall, parading around with your wife looking like your in some sort of marital uniform?  And yet, high fives are exchanged when your homey buys and wears the exact same waders and jacket you have.

6. You cook a romantic riverside dinner for you and your dude.  How often have you ever packed up a picnic basket, rowed your wife through a beautiful and peaceful forest, and then set up shop to satisfy her taste buds with a delicious meal.

5. You high 5, execute your secret handshake, or embrace in a hug when you meet at the boat launch or after a fish is caught, but you don’t remember the last time you hugged your wife in a public setting – let alone held her hand.

4. You and your bro have developed your own language.  Out of your mouth spews an incoherent string of words that have no association with one another, and sometimes are not even real words.  Nobody knows what you just said – except for your bro.  Does your wife have that deep of an understanding of your message?

3. When you get home from a trip you gush for hours to your wife about the experience you had on the river with your main dude, but you don’t even let your buddy know about yesterday’s date night with wifey.

2. You make up a story, complete with a detailed excuse and alibi to explain to your bud why you are not able to fish with him, in an effort to not hurt his feelings.  This is especially troubling if when you are going to fish with your buddy, you are up front and honest with your wife and tell her that you are going fishing.

1. You get jealous of main dude when he is out with his wife and not on the river with you.  You resent the fact that he chose to spend time bonding with his wife – when you 2 could be together…..alone….enjoying each other’s company.


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