Winter Officially Declared “Stupid”

In an unprecedented act of solidarity, fishermen across the country have banded together by signing Travis Elkhorn’s petition officially declaring that winter is “stupid”.  “It’s time we stand up to this winter and tell it what we really think” stated Elkhorn, a resident of White Cloud, MI.  Elkhorn obtained over 150 million signatures to his brief but powerful petition this past week via social media and door-to-door solicitation.


Even POTUS Agrees

Typically fractured in their opinions regarding nearly everything, fly, bait, gear, and spear fishermen alike have voiced their unanimous opinion that winter is “stupid”.  The list of names on Elkhorn’s petition range from the unknown to the well known.

Elkhorn seemed euphoric with the results of his petition and is noted to be issuing another calling for the public dismemberment of Punxsutawney Phil.


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