Weekly Review

Weekly Review

Josh Bergan from Troutbugs has spring on his mind.

Louis at Gink and Gasoline puts together a really important piece that should be read and considered about what a really trophy is.  Kent wrote a really nice and tribute to a great fisherman that reminds us how fragile life is.

I want 100 of these! Check out what Cameron has going on at TFM.

Important stuff right here to keep an eye on – found at Moldy Chum.

Stalking the Seam – bangs some giant trout with 2 handers

Drew Rosema hits an ABSOLUTE GIANT in Michigan

Carp Stickers bro – these are sweet!

Got to get some of these in the toothy box.

Some really great stuff in here – at Skinny Water Culture.



2 responses

  1. Some good reading to get us all through the weekend of sure! Thanks for including STS.


    March 21, 2014 at 10:21 am

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