TR – Lighting a Cigar with a Blow Torch Makes you a Man.

After the longest lay off from fishing that I can remember in my life, the weather finally broke enough and my schedule permitted an opportunity to spend time with Jeff from Fly Fish the Mitt in his new boat, with he and Joe.

Surprisingly, the traffic was exceptionally light and the bite was fantastic for the vast majority of the day.  All of our rods got a full work out.

My weapon of choice

My weapon of choice

3-15 10

3-15 3

Jeff buttoned up, Joe in pursuit with the net

The fat kid (me) forgot the food, Joe hooked us up and saved the day before it even began.  With water temps still brutally cold, and the air temps not helping the situation throughout the day, we were hoping for the best, but not anticipating the day that unfolded.

3-15 5

Jeff tied into another

3-15 7

Joe putting the screws to one, Jeff capturing some footage

3-15 2

Jeff went bonkers

3-15 17

Joe wasn’t about to let this fish slip away

The net stayed busy throughout the day.  It was nice to meet new finned friends.

3-15 15

Joe started the day with a beautiful brown

3-15 16

Joe with one of his 3 landed for the day, pictures never do a fish justice, the colors were killer

3-15 14

Jeff with a big fresher run


I got lucky too…Joe tired this one out for me in Round 1

3-15 11


3-15 6

Jeff again

3-15 9

Jeff’s an asshole

Joe had an extremely hot stick at the end of the day

Joe had an extremely hot stick at the end of the day

Got lucky again

Got lucky again

Seriously Jeff?  Eff you bro

Seriously Jeff? Eff you bro


2 responses

  1. flyfished

    Great pictures!


    March 16, 2014 at 9:08 pm

  2. Damn Jeff hit the jackpot! Nice to see some timely photos on the PM. Thanks for sharing.


    March 17, 2014 at 8:56 pm

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