Midwest Show Wrap Up

The Midwest Fly Fishing show is one of the largest conglomeration of fly fishing enthusiasts in the entire country.  The expo typically serves as the official end of the “show season” for Mystic Fly Rods and is a nice capper, as we are able to wrap up the gauntlet on our home turf of Michigan.

It is always an extremely well attended event pulling viewers from reaches as far away as Pennsylvania, and vendors and presenters from as far away as Montana and Colorado.   Per usual I was manning the Mystic booth and it was a pure joy to speak with fellow fish junkies about our product, and watch some people discover our lineup of rods for the first time in the casting pond.



Its always a great time to catch up with friends old and new that I don’t see near frequently enough.  The show also offers an opportunity to see the new gear and equipment that is being introduced for the year.

Photo by: Mike Schmidt from Anglers Choice Flies

Photo by: Mike Schmidt from Anglers Choice Flies

If you ever get a chance to listen to Michael Mauri present on casting a rod – do it: Mauri Flyfishing

Koz from True North Trout was manning the booth with Adipose Boats

It was really nice to catch up with Mike Schmidt from Anglers Choice Flies – he is always pushing the limits on streamers, coming up with new ways to terrorize fish.



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