Almost Time

An exceptionally long and brutal winter that has gripped the Great Lakes region for the longest continuous stint I can remember, appears to finally be coming to an end.  Soon the rivers and streams won’t be dominated by shelf and anchor ice.  This is the time of year that dark and grey skies that spit a rainy/snowy mix that would deter any normal human being from going outside, leave me searching for ways to cut out of work early.

The banks of the river will be littered with tiny black winter stoneflys, and soft inside edges will be filled with the recently hatched offspring of last fall’s annual salmon spawning ritual.  The quiet calmness of winter will still grip the forest encompassing the river.  This calmness is only temporary though, because chaos can erupt at any time – all silence will be broken by the sound of a screaming reel and a steelhead propelling his perfectly rocket shaped body through the surface of the water, and then splashing back home.


The time is drawing near, and I’m already monitoring the time of day it stays light enough to be able to see an indicator, the 5 day forecast has become more important for me to research than anything I ever studied in college, and an assessment on my “brownie point” bank account has been discussed.

After the longest lapse in between fishing excursions I have ever had to suffer through, I can’t wait.


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