Germany May Lose Access to U.S. Intelligence for Buying Huawei Equipment

Germany May Lose Access to U.S. Intelligence for Buying Huawei Equipment

Germany May Lose Access to U.S. Intelligence for Buying Huawei Equipment

An official from the German Economic Ministry dismissed the letter from Grenell, saying that it included no new information and reiterating that there was no evidence to support USA claims that Huawei posed a risk.

On 11 March, the Wall Street Journal reported that the USA ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell, had warned German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier in a letter that the U.S. administration would limit intelligence data sharing with the German government if Huawei was allowed to participate in the development of German telecommunications infrastructure. -German cooperation could only continue at its current level if Chinese firms were excluded from the construction of the network.

The letter, which was dated March 8, is the first time the US has warned an ally that it faces recriminations for associating with Huawei.

Despite US claims to the contrary, Germany has insisted that there is no evidence Huawei has or will use its gear to engage in espionage.

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Germany, like other European Union countries, has relied heavily on USA intelligence on terror and other threats provided by the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and other spy services. Germany recently announced all electronics purchased for its mobile networks will be required to pass testing by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), and network operators will be strongly encouraged to buy equipment from a variety of suppliers to prevent any single company from developing a monopoly.

Altmaier told French news agency AFP he could not comment on the letter's contents, but said that: "We will respond quickly".

While the prospects of trade deal fluctuate daily, the technology cold war between the USA and China continues to escalate.

The year ended with the arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer in Canada at United States request, to the consternation of China.

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