'Very Disappointed' if North Korea Resumes Nuclear Testing

'Very Disappointed' if North Korea Resumes Nuclear Testing

'Very Disappointed' if North Korea Resumes Nuclear Testing

US President Donald Trump said Friday his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "remains good", despite the collapse of a summit last week without a deal. Washington and Pyongyang blame each other for the talks' breakdown, but both sides still leave the door open for future negotiations.

Kim pledged at a first summit with Trump in Singapore in June that the engine test site and launch platform at Sohae would be dismantled.

"The rebuilding activities at Sohae demonstrate how quickly North Korea can easily render reversible any steps taken towards scrapping its Weapons of Mass Destruction program with little hesitation", CSIS said. The U.S. has it in its power to achieve North Korean denuclearization after all.

Trump said he would be "very, very disappointed" if the reports proved true.

USA think tanks and experts floated the possibility of North Korea firing off a long-range missile or a satellite-carrying long-range rocket at either the repaired Dongchang-ri site or the Sanum-dong center. The official said the administration had seen suggestions that work at Sohae may have been going on even before the Hanoi summit, but that the White House has not necessarily reached the same conclusion as the organizations offering public analysis.

The Chosun Ilbo newspaper has also reported that South Korea's National Intelligence Service told lawmakers that it detected signs of North Korea restoring part of the Tongchang-ri missile launch site it tore down in July.

Newly released satellite images appear to show vehicles moving around a facility near Pyongyang, where the country assembles most of its ballistic missiles and rockets.

However, the a State Department official warned that the USA would regard any launch into space as a violation of Trump and Kim's good relationship.

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"We need the North Korean negotiators to have much more latitude than they did in the run-up to the summit on denuclearisation, but I am confident that if they get that direction from the top of the North Korean government, we can make quick progress with them", he said. Earlier this week, the two countries eliminated their huge springtime military drills and replaced them with smaller training in what they called a bid to back diplomatic efforts to strip North Korea of its nuclear weapons.

Let me read you a statement by a senior State Department official from yesterday: "Nobody in the administration advocates a step-by-step approach".

"The intent of the North Koreans in this matter is known only to them", he added.

When asked about the prospects of restarting operations at an inter-Korean factory park in the North Korean border town of Kaesong and South Korean tours to the North's Diamond Mountain resort, Kim told reporters on Friday that Seoul should "work on it".

North Korea's official name is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

"Given that construction, plus activity at other areas of the site, Sohae (Satellite Launching Station) appears to have returned to normal operational status", 38 North's report said.

Satellite images suggest that North Korea may be preparing to launch a missile.

In the past, the facility had been used to launch satellites, which uses technology similar to that used for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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