Tesla will upgrade Superchargers to faster V3

Tesla will upgrade Superchargers to faster V3

Tesla will upgrade Superchargers to faster V3

Tesla's Supercharging V3, announced last night, charges the Model 3 at a rate of up to 1,000 miles per hour (temporarily), or what Tesla says can gain you as much as 75 miles of range in five minutes.

The company is also rolling out a new feature called On Route Battery Warmup, which will heat your car's battery to the optimum temperature for efficient charging when you navigate to a Supercharger station - an update the company says will cut average charging times by 25%.

"Supercharger stations with V3's new power electronics are created to enable any owner to charge at the full power their battery can take - no more splitting power with a vehicle in the stall next to you", the company says. Tesla estimates that V3's upgrades will reduce typical charging times to around 15 minutes.

The company advertises the rate as "1,000 miles per hour", meaning it is capable of adding 1,000 miles of range in just one hour. Design-wise, V3 Superchargers look the same as V2, but come with a thicker charging cable.

Posting on the Tesla blog, Tesla explains that V3 Supercharging requires a brand new 1MW power cabinet be installed at Supercharging locations. 145 kW is the charging rate of a current shared pair of Tesla's Superchargers, so the fix seems to be a simple software unlocking of the max speed of a single vehicle charging on a shared pair.

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The first beta V3 Supercharger location is now open in the Bay Area, and Tesla says it will break ground on the first proper North American V3 Supercharger location next month, ramping up later this year. This is most likely to protect your battery, according to @tesla_raj, who stopped by Tesla's unveiling event tonight in Fremont, California.

In Q2, an over-the-air firmware update will allow for V3 Supercharging for all owners, as more V3 Superchargers go online in Q2 and Q3, while Europe and Asia-Pacific will see V3 chargers in Q4.

Rather than be left behind, Tesla got busy developing its own solution.

"Your Model 3 is now able to charge at V3 Superchargers at up to 250 kW peak rates".

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