Rich the Kid & Usher Confirmed Safe After LA Studio Robbery

Rich the Kid & Usher Confirmed Safe After LA Studio Robbery

Rich the Kid & Usher Confirmed Safe After LA Studio Robbery

The two artists were recording at Westlake Recording Studio in Hollywood, and authorities say that as many as ten shots were fired during the incident.

The statement did not name Usher or Rich the Kid, real name Dimitri Roger, but TMZ reports that police officers said Usher was inside the studio and unharmed, while representatives for Roger said he was "doing OK" in the wake of the attack. Rich the Kid, who appeared to be the target of the robbery, was outside during the attack.

One of his bodyguards was "badly pistol-whipped" and the suspect reportedly "made off with a ton of cash and jewelry".

When Rich the Kid put up a fight, three more men entered the home and began attacking the rapper as well.

A deputy from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department confirmed to Newsweek that "at approximately 3.30 p.m. on Santa Monica boulevard. three individuals were robbed and there were several shots fired".

Seventeen die in Delhi hotel fire
Officials said the fire started at around 4.30am local time (11.30pm Monday GMT). "This hotel had been built up to six floors". According to the fire officer, the hotel had fire-fighting equipment, but it is not known whether it was functional or not.

The robbery subject fired multiple shots as he escaped the scene.

Just hours before the attack, the New Freezer rapper posted a photo of himself holding a large stack of money in front of a Lamborghini with the caption, "Always in bank mo deposit ^".

Two masked men reportedly entered the resident and demanded cash and jewelry from Rich and Tori Brixx, who is now pregnant with his child.

The shooting reportedly occurred as the suspects fled the scene.

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