Maduro Declares Venezuela 'Impregnable' from U.S. Invasion in War Games Launch

Maduro Declares Venezuela 'Impregnable' from U.S. Invasion in War Games Launch

Maduro Declares Venezuela 'Impregnable' from U.S. Invasion in War Games Launch

Supporters of Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido said recently that a fund would be established to accept proceeds from sales of Venezuelan oil.

Venezuela has been in political turmoil in the past weeks, with the opposition blaming the country's President Maduro over an ailing economy, hyperinflation, power cuts, and shortages of basic items, urging him to resign.

However, they were primarily intended as a show of strength against the United States, which Maduro insists is planning a military invasion of the country by secretly hiding military assets in trucks of food and medicine.

A man holds a banner that reads "Thank you global community" near a warehouse where humanitarian aid for Venezuela is being stored near the Tienditas cross-border bridge between Colombia and Venezuela in Cucuta, Colombia, February 8, 2019. They have not yet announced how they plan for the aid to enter if the military does not consent.

Guaido countered that the regime was refusing to acknowledge a "crisis that they themselves generated", while Venezuelans were working to deal with the humanitarian emergency.

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"We are going to call truly free elections in Venezuela once the usurpation ceases, and we can build the mechanisms to have a truly free election", Guaido has repeatedly vowed, stating that he believes Maduro has no real choice but to eventually surrender.

And on Sunday, he said hundreds of volunteers had signed up over the weekend to help bring aid into Venezuela - with further shipments set to arrive in neighboring Brazil and on a Caribbean island.

But Guaido on Sunday reiterated that he would not negotiate with Maduro - as he believes Maduro would use such talks to buy himself time.

But Maduro, who has asked Pope Francis to act as a mediator, rejected what he said was "bias" by the group.

Over recent weeks, millions of Venezuelans have rallied around their president, Juan Guaidó, recognized by the USA and dozens of democracies around the world as the nation's legitimate leader following his constitutionally approved inauguration on January 23.

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