World Cancer Day raises awareness for early detection and research

World Cancer Day raises awareness for early detection and research

World Cancer Day raises awareness for early detection and research

Governor Satya Pal Malik has noted that the observance of the World Cancer Day is an opportunity to enhance awareness for the prevention, timely detection and proper treatment of Cancer which can improve the chances of survival.

According to UICC, World Cancer Day "aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer, and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease". Multiple initiatives run on World Cancer Day to show support for those affected by cancer.

Turning to breast cancer, the MEP spoke of the need for there to be a specialised unit, highlighting that now such care is fragmented.

Rather than one disease, cancer is a term used to describe more than 200 different diseases. Before Cervical Cancer develops, there are options to treat these abnormal cells.

The organisation, in its admonition, observed that no matter what resource constraints a country faces, when well-conceived and well-managed, NCCP helps reduce the cancer burden and improve services for cancer patients and their families.

According to the World Health Organization in its 2018 publication, "cancer is now responsible for nearly one in six deaths globally". MAJOR Medical Breakthrough Offers Hope to Cancer Survivors.

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Over half a million (570,000) new cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed past year.

Let us all jointly work hand in hand towards increasing awareness and knowledge on the importance of screening and recognising the early signs and symptoms of cancer. This is done by implementing systematic, equitable and evidence-based strategies for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and palliation using available resources.

"The Act provides the much-needed national direction in cancer research, control and treatment and guides scientific improvements to cancer prevention, treatment and care, coordinates and liaises between the wide range of groups and health care providers with an interest in cancer". Since 1990, approximately 6 million people in Japan have attended the screening for stomach cancer annually, and gastroscopy is a mandatory part of health check-ups for people aged 40 or above.

Cancer causes about 9.5 million deaths worldwide every year. While seeking new multidisciplinary treatments, we need to learn how to prevent and screen cancer.

In its fight against cancer, Turkey runs 202 cancer early diagnosis and scanning centers (KETEM), including 25 mobile units. A 2017 research study conducted by BIO Ventures for Global Health, titled "Africa's Emerging Cancer Crisis: A Call to Action" paints a gloomy picture on the continued rise of cancer as leading global killer.

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