Punxsutawney Phil Makes His Prediction: Here's What the Groundhog Saw

Punxsutawney Phil Makes His Prediction: Here's What the Groundhog Saw

Punxsutawney Phil Makes His Prediction: Here's What the Groundhog Saw

If Phil had seen his shadow, some say that means six more weeks of winter.

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, Immersive Entertainment, and Tequila Works have announced Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son, a sequel to the 1993-released film Groundhog Day, for PlayStation VR, Oculus, and Vive. He's been able to live so long by drinking from the "elixir of life" which gives him seven more years of life every time he drinks it, and ensures that he'll be able to continue making weather predictions for plenty of years to come! This, his male handlers in top hats dramatically said, signals an early start to spring and an end to winter.

'I saw Punxsutawney Phil at Gobbler's Knob on Groundhog Day. There is a bit of a thaw ahead in the USA, according to the Weather Channel, but more freezing temperatures loom in the coming weeks as well, and it seems like winter is far from over. Even then, it marked a milestone in the winter, and the weather that day was important.

Spring is coming early in the United States, a groundhog has predicted. But Punxsutawney Phil is arguably the most famous, as well as a supporting character in the popular Bill Murray comedy "Groundhog Day".

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Other towns have their own groundhog mascots as well, including Birmingham Bill in Alabama and Staten Island Chuck in NY.

Male groundhogs emerge early to look for a mate. Meanwhile, he has not seen his shadow just 19 times - counting this year - meaning an early spring.

Historically, they also ate groundhog meat, but this practice has since died out.

According to Stormfax, Phil's predictions have been correct in 39 percent of the time. His predictions were wrong in both 2017 and 2018.

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