Hitman leads PS Plus February 2019 lineup

Hitman leads PS Plus February 2019 lineup

Hitman leads PS Plus February 2019 lineup

"The large increase in storage capacity lets you hang on to your favorite older titles and add-ons while still leaving room for new games".

In addition, Sony also confirmed that it is increasing its cloud storage space for PS Plus subscribers from 10GB to 100GB, which is good to know. What benefit does cloud storage offer? Also, it's not really surprising if Sony's first-party studios are now focusing on PS5 content, as we're most likely nearing the tail end of this generation of consoles. The subscriber only service will stop offering free games on Sony's last-generation console and hand-held on March 8, 2019. That's a pretty decent number when it comes to saving game progress, but still inadequate for some gamers.

This bit of news comes from industry analyst, Daniel Ahmad, who's been known to be dependable with these things.

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PlayStation Vita owners aren't missing out either. As always, you need to have an active subscription to PlayStation Plus in order to download them for free. The second free PS3 title is Divekick (cross buy with PS Vita), a two-button fighting game with 14+ Playable Characters, story mode, and multiplayer.

According to a recent report which surveyed around 4,000 game studios, 18 per cent of them said they're now working on games for next-gen hardware, so it makes sense that a form of that hardware - or at least an idea of the punch it'll pack - is known to developers.

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