Donald Trump: 'Time to Start Coming Home' from 'Endless Wars'

Donald Trump: 'Time to Start Coming Home' from 'Endless Wars'

Donald Trump: 'Time to Start Coming Home' from 'Endless Wars'

"Just what America needs, another paid holiday and a bunch of government workers being paid to go out and work for, I assume, our colleagues on the other side on their campaigns", McConnell said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

And a growing concern for Republicans - which McConnell voiced to Trump at the White House - is that they would be forced to vote on a disapproval resolution aimed at overturning the declaration, and that the resolution would pass. "Congress must play a role, consistent with its constitutional authority over war, in developing a troop withdrawal plan that is coordinated with our allies, that continues to provide humanitarian aid, and that supports political settlements in these countries". "This is ours. These people, who are going to operate in these safe havens and Iran, we are their target", said Sen.

"Congress doesn't have to have to cosign Trump foreign policy trial balloons, but they ought to articulate their own responsible withdrawal plan that replaces USA troops and airstrikes with smart diplomacy and targeted humanitarian aid", Rainwater told Common Dreams.

USA troops patrol at an Afghan National Army (ANA) Base in Logar Province, Afghanistan, August 7, 2018. President Obama invaded Syria unilaterally to "fight ISIS", and President Trump has declared ISIS effectively defeated now that they have virtually no territory left. The United States and the Taliban have sketched the outlines for an eventual peace accord, a us special envoy said on Monday, but there was no sign the insurgent group had accepted key USA demands.

Most Republicans, though, were eager to push for an extended commitment, saying the threats remain. The 2001 authorization for the Afghan War was built around 9/11 and the defeat of al-Qaeda. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. The measure renews the USA commitment to Israel, deepens cooperation with Jordan, and delivers justice for the victims of President Bashar Assad's regime in Syria, McConnell said Thursday. Many of Trump's allies say that troops should stay to make sure ISIS does not see a resurgence.

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The vote was bipartisan with 68 in favour and 23 against, offering more than two thirds support, with majority coming from Mr Trump's own Republican party.

There is bipartisan support for legislation that would direct the president to remove US armed forces from the conflict in Yemen - the Senate voted 56-41 back in December to end American military support to the Saudi-led coalition. Then it must hold on a final vote on the entire bill.

MAK: OK. And here's Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, sidestepping whether it was about splitting with Trump.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll during the shutdown found 66 percent of Americans opposed Trump using emergency powers to build the wall without approval from Congress, 12 percentage points higher than opposition to the wall in general.

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