The anti-vaxx movement's role in the latest measles outbreak

The anti-vaxx movement's role in the latest measles outbreak

The anti-vaxx movement's role in the latest measles outbreak

"The revelation prompted public health officials in Oregon's Deschutes County and in Hawaii to issue alerts, although no cases were confirmed in either location", the AP reported. He said the district's head nurse, Michelle Hyatt, is coordinating with the county to ensure schools are taking the appropriate steps.

Pierce County has a vaccination rate of 90 percent and has not had any reported cases of measles so far, but that could just be a matter of time. Clark County officials say they're also looking into another 12 suspected cases of the disease. Most of the confirmed cases involve patients younger than 10.

Public health officials have said the outbreak could last several more months.

Although the risk of becoming sick is low, DPH has notified individuals who might have been exposed to the virus and are potentially at increased risk for developing measles. "And a few days after that, you get that famous rash", explained Alok Patel, MD, a pediatrician at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Measles was the No. 1 killer of children worldwide before the vaccine was made available in 1963.

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So, how is it that a disease that's been declared eradicated in the u.S.

The Chelan-Douglas Health District says state law requires children get the MMR or Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine or show proof of immunity before attending any public or private school or child care center. Monica Stonier, a Clark County Democrat, is co-sponsoring legislation that would ban vaccine exemptions for personal or philosophical reasons.

Measles symptoms include a fever, rash, cough, conjunctivitis (red watery eyes) or a runny nose.

Before mass vaccination, 400 to 500 people in the United States died of the measles every year, 50,000 people were hospitalized and 4,000 people developed brain swelling that can cause deafness, Melnick said. You may be told to stay home until you're no longer contagious. "What you need to do is call your doctor and talk to them rather than going into the lobby of the doctor's office or the hospital".

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