Nintendo delays Mario Kart Tour to improve the game's quality

Nintendo delays Mario Kart Tour to improve the game's quality

Nintendo delays Mario Kart Tour to improve the game's quality

Operating profit was 158.6 billion yen ($1.5 billion) in the last three months of 2018, the Kyoto-based company said in a statement Thursday.

Cumulative global sales of the Switch total 30 million.

Would Nintendo release a slightly more powerful "pro" variant so early in the console's lifespan? If it could breath new life into the Switch with a portable, it could go even further and provide an answer to what will succeed the 3DS handheld.

Since then, Nintendo has promised more for mobile gamers and said that Mario Kart Tour would be coming to mobile. The company raised its guidance to sell 110 million games this fiscal year, up from 100 million.

Among hit software for Switch is "Super Mario Bros". Ultimate, which sold 12 million units since its release on December 7.

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Nintendo's upcoming smartphone game title Mario Kart Tour, which was slated for release before the end of March 2019, has now been delayed till summer.

More Nintendo stores could help boost the appeal of the Switch, which is struggling to attract a wider swath of users. If Nintendo were to add let's say SNES or N64 games to it though, I'd subscribe nearly immediately and I'm sure many others would too. The companies will co-develop and jointly operate a new game for smart devices.

While we imagine most Switch owners will primarily be interested in Wargroove this week, there are plenty of other titles heading to the eShop.

Other than this hiccup, which arguably came into being thanks to having unnecessarily courageous original targets, rather than low sales, the financial release showed very positive signs.

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