Nintendo Switch was the top-selling console in the United States a year ago

Nintendo Switch was the top-selling console in the United States a year ago

Nintendo Switch was the top-selling console in the United States a year ago

A year ago, we highlighted industry analysis firm NPD's data to show that worries about the impending death of the console gaming industry were way overblown.

It's always great to get a clearer picture of what's happening with Nintendo as the Switch increasingly moves into the stratosphere of success. According to its sales data, Nintendo's convertible gaming device was the best selling console in the USA a year ago and especially in the last month of 2018.

It had been rumoured that a Nintendo Direct for January 2019 would have been held on the 10th of this month. Even more impressive, it had the highest December unit sales for a single console since 2010.

Hover over the Super Smash Bros. This is despite the fact that SSBU has been on store shelves for less than a month and that NPD doesn't track digital sales for Nintendo-published games. The Switch Pro Controller was December's best-selling accessory in terms of dollar sales. Speaking with Japan's Sankei News, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa seemingly put to rest any rumors that a Switch refresh or price cut is in the cards for 2019.

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A new Nintendo Switch 2 console with upgraded internals and a 4K OLED screen is a mouth-watering proposition. It would be extremely interesting to know if the Switch's launch had a material impact on sales of either the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro - have gamers who were already plugged into Sony or Microsoft's ecosystems reacted to these refreshes by replacing hardware they already owned, or did they opt for a Nintendo system with a different value proposition than the equipment they already owned?

The revelation at the end of his quote seemingly came unprompted, but might have been an acknowledgement of the rumors that have been flying around the internet lately, claiming Nintendo is working on a cheaper Switch or plans to give the Switch a hardware upgrade.

It is expected that this week the U.S. video game hardware sales for December 2018 will be revealed.

We figure the Smash development team probably looks about like this right now.

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