Wisconsin Girl Jayme Closs, Missing For Nearly 3 Months, Is Found Alive

Wisconsin Girl Jayme Closs, Missing For Nearly 3 Months, Is Found Alive

Wisconsin Girl Jayme Closs, Missing For Nearly 3 Months, Is Found Alive

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said a suspect had been taken into custody in a Facebook post Thursday.

Closs is the 13-year-old girl who vanished October 15 after her parents were fatally shot at their home about 60 miles to the south in Douglas County.

Douglas County Sheriff Thomas Dalbec said at a news conference Friday that Jake Thomas Patterson was arrested Thursday after Jayme Closs was found near the Town of Gordon, where Patterson lives. She says she and her husband once caught them siphoning gas.

It said she was located in the town of Gordon, near Lake Superior and northeast of Minneapolis.

A 21-year-old Wisconsin man has been charged with the kidnapping of 13-year-old Jayme Closs and the murder of her parents, authorities said on Friday, a day after the girl escaped following three months of captivity.

The suspect took several steps to hide his identity from law enforcement and the public, investigators say. Smart said the girl's family should be given "space and privacy on their road to finding a new sense of normal and moving forward".

A woman who helped a Wisconsin girl who'd been missing for three months following her parents' deaths says the girl told her she'd been held against her will.

"She said to us that, 'This person killed my parents and took me, '" Kasinskas told CNN's Poppy Harlow. He also said it didn't appear that there was any social media connection between the kidnapper and Jayme Closs, and authorities are still investigating how he became aware of her.

Jayme's grandfather, Robert Naiberg, told the AP that he had been praying for months for the call he received about his granddaughter being found alive. Details of what happened in the almost three months since the girl vanished remain unclear, he said, though he said Patterson "took many proactive steps to hide his identity from law enforcement and the general public".

Jeanne Nutter said on Friday that Jayme told her she had walked away from a cabin where she had been held captive not far from Ms Nutter's home.

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"She said that this person usually hides her or hides her when others are near, or when he has to leave the household". I had asked her if she knew where Gordon, Wisconsin, was. She said she taught him middle school science but only remembered that he was quiet.

A 13-year-old American girl, missing for nearly three months after her parents were shot dead at their home in the US Midwest, has been found alive with her hair matted and wearing oversized shoes.

Elizabeth Smart says it is a "miracle" that a 13-year-old Wisconsin girl missing for almost three months has been found safe.

"I have a gut feeling she's (Jayme's) still alive", Fitzgerald said at the time.

Jayme told the couple she did not know where she was or anything about Gordon.

"It wasn't like she was scared of us", she said.

Property records show the cabin's title passed from Patterson's father to a credit union in October, eight days after Jayme's disappearance.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office confirmed on its website that Jayme was found in the town at 16:43 on Thursday, and that a suspect was taken into custody 11 minutes later.

Closs was taken to a hospital where she was treated and held overnight for observation.

Jayme has been missing since her parents, James and Denise Closs, were discovered shot to death in their home on October 15 near Barron, Wisc. The place where she was found is a little more than an hour's drive to the north.

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