Google Assistant Interpreter Mode offers real-time spoken translations

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode offers real-time spoken translations

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode offers real-time spoken translations

More than 150 products have Alexa built in, while more than 28,000 smart-home devices made by more than 4,500 different manufacturers work with Alexa, which has more than 70,000 "skills", as apps for the platform are called.

Google Assistant has a massive presence at CES 2019, and not just in terms of floor space.

Interpreter Mode will be able to take on 27 languages from the get-go, and will be released across its Google Home devices and Smart Displays, the firm revealed in a press-briefing.

Additionally, the Google Assistant is getting a new feature for the Philips Hue bulb that is aimed at helping you wake up. Despite that weirdness, it's still a solid free update for Dish Hopper owners, although neither Dish nor Google have said yet when it'll arrive.

Integration with a wider range of products will certainly help Google Assistant reach one billion devices. The biggest, without a doubt, has to be the introduction of realtime translation for its Assistant via the "Interpreter Mode". Perhaps more importantly, though, it will introduce millions of Google Maps users on iPhone to the offering.

In addition, Assistant can now be used to book hotels. It provides you with vehicle diagnostics, responds to crashes, can get you roadside assistance, and allows you to share your location with friends and family.

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"By bringing the best of Google services and AI to the Assistant, we're focussed on building the most helpful digital assistant when you're at home, in your auto, or on the go", said the company in its blog.

However, the Android variant is expected to be the more powerful version due to Google's flexibility with the operating system.

Google Assistant sort of stole the show this year in Las Vegas - though it also did this last year.

The Google Assistant will also soon be compatible with vehicle accessories that let you control your car's music or diagnostics simply by plugging a device into a socket-keep yours eyes on Anker and JBL. Initially, the support will be limited to domestic flights of the United Airlines, but the company hopes to add more airlines and flights soon.

But Google Assistant actually doesn't have that many active users, as Ars Technica reports. To put it simply, after making the necessary changes, users will be able to schedule reminders, dismiss alarms and look for nearby restaurants all without unlocking their phones. The company announced today that the smart assistant will be accessible on more Android phone lock screens.

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