Woman dies after being pinned in clothing donation box

Woman dies after being pinned in clothing donation box

Woman dies after being pinned in clothing donation box

B'nai Brith, operator of the bin involved in Tuesday's deadly incident, did not indicate whether it plans to revamp donation boxes but described the woman's death as "terrible and tragic".

Emergency crews received a call early Tuesday at about 1:30 a.m. ET regarding a woman being stuck inside a clothing donation bin in the parking lot of an apartment building in Toronto, police said.

Toronto Police told Daily Hive the woman was extracted from the bin but she was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Investigators said they don't consider the woman's death to be suspicious.

The manager for RangeView Fabricating, Brandon Agro, says with at least eight deaths in Canada since 2015 it's time for immediate action.

In the last four years, British Columbia has seen five people die after becoming stuck in the bins.

The City of West Vancouver has ordered all its donation bins locked, while Burnaby, B.C., is asking for all bins to be removed from within its city limits. The bin's hatches, created to keep thieves out, can also trap people climbing inside.

The representative said the company is working on a video that demonstrates how to cut the metal bars on the bin that cause the doors to pinch.

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Following the man's death, the District of West Vancouver announced that it had closed donation bins and is "looking into options for removing them or using bins that are more secure". They said they're investigating it as "a death by misadventure". But they can also trap someone leaning in too far.

The Toronto woman's death isn't the first of its kind in Canada.

"I believe the municipal government has a duty to make sure proper rules are in place to make sure the drop boxes in our city are safe", Tory wrote in a letter to the committee chair.

In the wake of the recent bin deaths, however, the company has suspended manufacturing until it can conceive of a safer design.

The engineering professor said thousands of people, including those who try to get inside of the bins, depend on the donations collected there.

One manufacturer said it has stopped producing the bins while it develops safer designs.

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