Could the Government Shutdown Delay My Tax Return?

Could the Government Shutdown Delay My Tax Return?

Could the Government Shutdown Delay My Tax Return?

With the partial government shutdown entering its second full week, and tax season right around the corner, the halt could impact tax refunds if both chambers of Congress and President Trump can't reach a deal.

You do, however, still have to pay your taxes by April 15, as the limited Internal Revenue Service staff remaining will still be processing payments from taxpayers during this time.

Tax refunds are among the non-excepted agency activities listed.

If consumers haven't received tax forms by mid-February, they are advised to contact your employer and request a copy or ask that it be resent, according to the IRS.

If the government shutdown continues, it could delay any refund that's due. Typically during a shutdown, the IRS will process returns and accept amounts due from taxpayers.

"It's a delay because they're going to be short-staffed". As of Friday, it's unclear when filing season begins.

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Taxpayers banking on their federal refund may have to wait a bit longer to get their money if the government shutdown goes on into the spring.

Angela Reed, a partner at Tarbell & Co., a CPA firm in Iowa, is trying to help a client who filed some nonprofit tax returns late.

In other words, you can still pay the government, but the government won't be returning anything it took in excess.

Bearden said before the shutdown, the IRS was still trying to update its systems to process taxes with the new laws passed previous year.

Even before the shutdown, there were concerns IRS staffers wouldn't be ready in time for the tax season, given the extent of the changes in the 2017 tax law. "I think people are wondering when this is going to end and how this affects the IRS's ability to process returns and process refunds".

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