Russian Federation successfully tests new hypersonic missile system

Russian Federation successfully tests new hypersonic missile system

Russian Federation successfully tests new hypersonic missile system

Russian Federation has successfully tested its new Avangard hypersonic missile, the Kremlin said on December 26.

The Russian authorities will take additional measures to develop new weapons systems for the national army and navy, President Vladimir Putin said at the National Center for Defense Management.

'From next year, 2019, Russia's armed forces will get the new intercontinental strategic system Avangard.

The weapon was originally announced in March, among an array of others, with Putin saying they could hit nearly any point in the world and evade a US-built missile shield.

Russian Federation says the S-400 is a cutting-edge air defence system that can detect and shoot down targets including ballistic missiles, enemy jets and drones up to 600 kilometre away at an altitude between 10 metres and 27 kilometres.

Avangard, also known as "Objekt 4202", is a hypersonic boost-glide missile system that is supposed to combine a high-performance ballistic missile with an unmanned glider vehicle for significant improvements in maneuverability and sustained top speed.

As it closes in on its target, the missile with a maneuverable gliding warhead can adjust both altitude and direction to avoid defenses and fly low enough to avoid most interceptors, Tass has reported.

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Putin termed the final test an "absolute success", and said Avangard would be deployed next year.

The test comes amid bitter tensions in Russia-US relations, which have been strained over the Ukrainian crisis, the war in Syria and the allegations of Moscow's meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. "Russia now has a new kind of strategic weapon".

He was speaking after overseeing what the Kremlin said was a pre-deployment test of the new missile system.

"This is a major event in the life of the armed forces and, perhaps, in the life of the country", Putin told his cabinet ministers in televised remarks Wednesday.

The development of the drone was announced by Putin in his state-of-the-nation speech in March, in which he boasted of an array of new nuclear weapons "invulnerable to enemy interception".

A 2019 deployment schedule would put Russian Federation ahead of China and the the hypersonic, nuclear-capable boost-glider arms race.

He emphasised that unlike previous nuclear warheads fitted to intercontinental ballistic missiles that follow a predictable trajectory allowing it to calculate the spot where they can be intercepted, the Avangard chaotically zigzags on its path to its target, making it impossible to predict the weapon's location.

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