Epic Games digital store takes aim at Steam

Epic Games digital store takes aim at Steam

Epic Games digital store takes aim at Steam

With the success of Fortnite, Epic games can afford to lower their cut on games sold on the online store. It is similar to the creative mode in the block-building game Minecraft, in which players can similarly create their own buildings and landscapes without worrying about being attacked. There's a lobby too. It wasn't especially well-received, but just a few months later, the Battle Royale mode would shoot Fortnite to the top of the charts.

Fortnite Season 7 starts tomorrow, which means Epic Games has one more day to squeeze in one last teaser to remind you that, yes, Fortnite Season 7 starts tomorrow. 'Now that we've built such a store, and Fortnite has brought in a huge audience of PC gamers, we're working to open it up to all developers'. On their announcement page, they also have a bundle of links to YouTubers who have been poking around Fortnite Creative early, giving some tips for the first wave of creators.

Epic Games officially announced Creative mode on Wednesday morning (following a big leak on Tuesday night).

Google Play and Steam better watch out, as Fortnite-creator Epic Games is joining the digital distribution industry by revealing plans to set up an Epic Games Store.

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The Epic Games Store won't just be selling games built using the company's popular Unreal Engine, with Epic indicating that even titles made in competing engines, such as Unity, will be available. Then, on December 13th, everyone is granted access to their own private island for free.

It looks very much like Halo's Forge mode, with players able to fly freely and construct as much as they want, so long as they stay within a memory limit assigned to the server.

Lachlan's video which detailed the entire mode has since been pulled, but not before the entire internet grabbed screenshots and video mirrors (thanks, FortniteIntel). This is typically in exchange for a 5 percent share in the game's royalties, but for an Unreal game's sales on the Epic store, Epic has promised to cover that royalty out of its 12 percent share.

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