Apple implements Do Not Disturb app on iPhone, after TRAIs warning

Apple implements Do Not Disturb app on iPhone, after TRAIs warning

Apple implements Do Not Disturb app on iPhone, after TRAIs warning

This means iPad and iPhone users in India will now be able to user Trai's Do Not Disturb app on their respective devices. We would no longer have to lament that our favorite Android app doesn't work on desktop, or our favorite computer app doesn't work on our tablet. The Indian telecom regulator and the iPhone maker were stuck in a disagreement for over two years for the DND app.

It is worth noticing that the functions of the app are similar to that of Truecaller, which enjoys a lot of popularity in India. The company has issued several statements ever since the news broke out last week, and it seems to shift the blame onto third party SDKs installed in its apps. Apple named Froggipedia, a digital frog dissection app with augmented reality capabilities, the top iPad app of the year; image editor Pixelmator Pro the top Mac App; and workout app Sweat the top Apple TV app.

Earlier, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had requested Apple to include the Trai DND - Do Not Disturb app in App store.

More than 700 apps have been removed from the Chinese App Store in recent days, according to local reports.

After selecting spam calls and messages, the DND app will auto-generate complaint texts to the operator for processing the number.

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Have you ever fallen for an app scam? The software popularity for iPhone users and their App Store should not obscure the consumers that buy applications from developers and not Apple directly. Alongside these editorial selections, Apple has published top charts for the year across the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books. When you place your finger on the home button with the idea that this sham app will check your pulse, what it's really doing is tricking you into making a $90 in-app purchase.

AdvertisementThe version of TRAI DND - Do Not Disturb just approved appears to deal with Apple's concerns.

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What Do You Think of TRAI DND iOS App?

TRAI had apparently given Apple a deadline of January 2019. Currently, it is unclear that the version of DND that is released in the App Store follows the additional privacy protection or not. If you are someone who deals a lot with spam calls or texts, this app is definitely useful and could come in handy.

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