Saudi Crown Prince sidelined in G20 family photo

Saudi Crown Prince sidelined in G20 family photo

Saudi Crown Prince sidelined in G20 family photo

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly denied that Prince Mohammed knew about the murder or played any part in it.

The Russian President's gesture, they said, indicates that he has either vindicated Prince Salman's claim of innocence in Khashoggi's murder or "congratulated him for the undercover operation". They confirmed and asserted their pride in the Crown Prince, who has overseen the Saudi Vision 2030 and led them in the march toward economic diversification and progress.

The clip was partially inaudible and the context of the exchange was not entirely clear.

Macron responded: 'I am anxious...

French President Emmanuel Macron has also said he will meet with the Saudi leader.

US President Donald Trump's office confirmed that he "exchanged pleasantries" with the crown prince, but the US president did not appear to acknowledge Salman or Putin in front of the cameras.

G20 leaders were due to discuss climate change at the morning session of their summit on Saturday and negotiations on a draft communique were expected to last until the final minute, a spokesperson for the Argentine G20 sherpa said.

But with the agency not publicly stating so, Trump has attempted to deflect blame away from the crown prince. "We might, but we had none".

Everyone's Joking About 'Individual 1' After Cohen's Plea Agreement
In August, Manafort was convicted on eight charges involving tax fraud, bank fraud and hiding foreign bank accounts. Both sides agreed they would not ask for a sentence outside of those range, provided Cohen continues to cooperate.

But Bob Corker, the outgoing Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in an interview published on Friday that the USA needed to rein in Prince Mohammed, who was "out of control".

The assessment reports that Qahtani, who supervised the 15-man team that killed Khashoggi, was also in direct communication with the team's leader in Istanbul.

Turkey handed it to the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom - all those who wanted.

But he criticised Prince Mohammed, saying that during the summit the Saudi heir apparent gave an "unbelievable explanation" on Khashoggi's killing.

British Prime Minister Theresa May also said she would be "robust" when she talks to the crown prince about Khashoggi and the situation in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is involved in a proxy war.

"The Saudi Arabians need to ensure that their investigation is a full investigation, that it's credible, that it's transparent, and that people can have confidence in the outcome of it, and that those responsible are held to account", May said.

But there seems to be a contradiction in asking Saudi's de facto ruler for such an investigation, unless she is already presuming his innocence.

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