Ariana Grande's 'thank you, next' just broke YouTube

Ariana Grande's 'thank you, next' just broke YouTube

Ariana Grande's 'thank you, next' just broke YouTube

Kris Jenner made an appearance as Mrs. George (Amy Poehler), donning a baby pink tracksuit and frantically videotaping her daughter as she dances along to the too-risqué-for-high-school performance.

On November 30th, QUEEN Ariana Grande bestowed upon us THE greatest music video of all time. Whether you weren't a fan of hers before or you've loved her since her Victorious days, this music video just proves she's a legend.

In the Mean Girls-inspired scene, Kris plays the role of Regina George's mom, wearing a hilarious pink tracksuit and holding a camcorder.

That's right, according to YouTube, the service was unable to handle the barrage of comments on the video after it went live - prompting someone at YouTube to compare "thank you, next" to another famous internet moment.


Jonathan did get to hang with the "army trousers and flip-flops" girl though. better known as Stefanie Drummond.

Grande snagged several stars of the movies to reprise their roles, including Jennifer Coolidge, who played Paulette in "Legally Blonde", and Jonathan Bennett, who co-starred as Aaron Samuels in "Mean Girls". In the video, Grande recreates scenes from "Mean Girls", "Bring It On", "13 Going on 30" and "Legally Blonde".

Trying to keep up with all of the different cameos in the video? A fan account posted this shot of a possible track list from Grande's "Breathin'" music video on November 8.

"Thank U, Next" is her first song to hit the top of the chart. "He's really cute. And it was... it was really big", perhaps in reference to a certain type of "big energy" that Davidson reportedly has. "But, have you even gone out with someone that had no teeth at all?". Her ex Mac Miller also sadly passed away at the beginning of September, so this may mean the Ariana was the one who broke it off, as she needed to be by herself for a little.

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