Ivanka Trump Defends Using Private Email Account For Government Work

Ivanka Trump Defends Using Private Email Account For Government Work

Ivanka Trump Defends Using Private Email Account For Government Work

Ivanka Trump defended her use of a private email account while working in her father's White House past year and dismissed comparisons between her situation and that of Hillary Clinton during a television interview broadcast Wednesday.

Numerous emails were in violation of public records rules, the paper reported. No comment from the White House.

Former Democratic candidate Ms Clinton used a personal email account linked to a private server at her home in NY during her time as the top USA diplomat under former president Barack Obama.

"My emails have not been deleted, nor was there anything of substance, nothing confidential, within them. So there's no connection between the two things".

"All of my emails are stored and preserved", she added.

"If you want to see oil prices go to $150 a barrel", the president said. Running towards the border is heartbreaking, ' Ivanka said.

The New York Times reported last week that, once in office, Trump wanted to order the US Department of Justice to prosecute her but was dissuaded by his White House lawyer.

Ivanka said commingling personal and government material wasn't strictly prohibited, citing legal advice about an easy and common way to remedy it.

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"There's no equivalency to what my father's spoken about", the First Daughter and Advisor to the President told ABC News in an exclusive interview airing Wednesday.

Other government officials, including Vice President Mike Pence when he was Indiana's governor and several past secretaries of state, have also been found to have used private email for government work.

Pressed on this, his daughter clarified to ABC, "So lethal force, under any circumstance, would be the last resort". She is adamant they bear no resemblance to Hillary Clinton's email scandal, which her father eagerly and frequently condemned as part of his campaign for president.

Roberts asked later in the interview.

'I know the facts as they relate to me and my family, and so I have nothing to be concerned about, ' she said. The night was filled with bashing President Donald Trump and Hillary claiming she's "thinking about standing for parliament here in Canada". Her father provided written responses to questions earlier this month. "There is no attempt to hide", Trump said. "And I just think that you can model the idea that you can become more diverse and still keep your culture and your values".

'I think it should reach its conclusion, ' she said.

In the past, social media users have called her out repeatedly for waiting to make a statement about the Trump administration's immigration and family separation policies, and she was also lambasted for staying silent about the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, despite positioning herself as a champion for women's rights. Clinton said that the president and his allies "have their own personal commercial interests" in that case, likely referring to arms deals the USA has made with Riyadh.

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