WA steer stands at nearly 2 metres and weighs 1.4 tonnes

WA steer stands at nearly 2 metres and weighs 1.4 tonnes

WA steer stands at nearly 2 metres and weighs 1.4 tonnes

HOLY COW - you seen the size of this moo moo?!

"Knickers" is a Holstein-Friesian steer, which is a dairy breed of cattle.

One cow in Western Australia has unofficially earned the title of Australia's largest steer. That makes him heavier than some cars and taller than some National Basketball Association players. In August 2014, Blossom a 190cm-tall American Holstein, was awarded the record for the world's tallest cow but died just a year after being officially recognised by the record books.

Pearson told Network Ten Knickers "has had a hell of a time" with his sudden popularity but became agitated one day from too many people taking his picture.

In 2010, a Chianina ox named Bellino who measured at just over 6ft 7ins at a cattle show in Rome.

"He was too big to go into the export plant's chain", owner Geoff Pearson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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The seven year old was put up for auction by his owner last month, but his size proved to be his saving grace when meat processors said they simply couldn't handle his size.

Pearson also said that his other cattle follow the massive leader around by the hundreds.

But what Knickers lacks in size, he makes up for in sheer steer popularity, based on the reaction from the internet.

"Steers are usually destined for slaughter by the age of three", said Craig Hickman, a dairy farmer in Ashburton, New Zealand, who added that almost everyone he knows has been sending him reports about Knickers. The steer's owner, Geoff Pearson, made a decision to put him to work as a "coach" for the other cattle.

While Knickers is undoubtedly larger than your average steer - a neutered male - the video images are somewhat misleading.

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