More Democrats threaten to withhold support for Pelosi's House Speaker role

More Democrats threaten to withhold support for Pelosi's House Speaker role

More Democrats threaten to withhold support for Pelosi's House Speaker role

On Sunday, Politico reported that another rebel, Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., told a local TV station, "If it becomes a choice between a Republican and Nancy Pelosi, I'll obviously support Nancy Pelosi".

In a letter sent on Friday, Pelosi thanked those who've supported her so far, and said she requests "that we all support the nominee of our Caucus for Speaker on the Floor of the House", consistent with party rules that require all members to vote in favor of the Democratic candidate.

"I have also heard from many voters in the district, including at a public meeting Wednesday night, who have urged me to support Congresswoman Pelosi, and from others across the state, including over 120 New Jersey women leaders who have endorsed her candidacy".

Rep. Seth Moulton of MA, who helped spearhead a letter last week in which 16 Democrats said it was time for Pelosi to stand aside, said that his effort was "bigger than her", as Democratic aides aligned with him said that some of the defectors were searching for a deal that would ultimately allow them to vote for her.

"There is a reason no one has publicly announced they are running against Leader Pelosi: there is no tested comparable alternative", Cuomo said in the statement.

So far around two dozen Democrats have said they will not vote for Pelosi, but many of those members have not specified whether they would vote against Pelosi in the caucus meeting or on the House floor, making an exact count of her detractors hard to nail down.

During the campaign, Davids was targeted with Republican ads linking her to Pelosi but didn't commit to voting for or against the California Democrat at the time.

"We also recognize that in this recent election, Democrats ran and won on a message of change", they wrote.

After one potential rival stepped aside, Pelosi is expected to easily win the majority from her ranks.

Pelosi's office has maintained confidence that she'll return to the speakership in January and the California Democrat has met with some critics, opponents and incoming Democrats who promised to vote against Pelosi as a campaign issue.

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Davids and other incoming freshmen will be crucial to Pelosi's bid to retake the gavel, which she gave up in 2011 after a wave of Republican wins in the 2010 midterms gave the GOP control of the House.

"The whole concept of you can't beat somebody with nobody is a Nancy Pelosi talking point", she said.

But when the full House elects its new leaders January 3, the speaker will need a majority 218 votes, assuming that no one votes "present" or misses the vote and Republicans oppose her en masse, as seems likely.

Higgins had signed onto the letter calling for "new leadership".

"She does know Democrats, and she knows what is important to them".

"For us, our rules proposal isn't about changing leadership; it's about changing a system that stymies the will of the common-sense majority", the group said in a statement Monday, adding that its proposals would "help spur immediate action on health care, immigration and infrastructure". "If the case is there, then that should be self-evident to Democrats and Republicans", she said.

Another Democratic lawmaker who vowed not to support Nancy Pelosi for House speaker is softening his position.

The battle pits the party's largely liberal and diverse membership backing Pelosi, D-Calif., against a small group of mostly moderate male lawmakers.

She is scheduled to meet with the Problem Solvers on Tuesday.

"The first step is showing that she cannot get to 218", said Ms. Rice, "and then I believe the challengers will emerge that can allow new members to say, 'okay, here's another possibility, now I get it'". "I don't want to shake the confidence of the millions of people who stepped out to vote".

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