Google's Project Fi service is finally iPhone friendly

Google's Project Fi service is finally iPhone friendly

Google's Project Fi service is finally iPhone friendly

That includes phones sold through the Fi website (including all the devices that were previously the only support phones, including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 families, the Moto X4 and Moto G6, and the LG G7 ThinQ and LG V35 ThinQ). Google's expanded device support will instead allow any normal phone to work on Google Fi as a purely T-Mobile device.

Google's Project service is no called Google Fi.

Speaking of which, Google is ringing in the Fi relaunch with two travel-themed promotions, both of which run for today only.

Google has officially announced that not only is the company changing the name of the MVNO from "Project Fi" to "Google Fi" (to reflect the broader availability of the service), it is also adding support for new Android devices from the likes of OnePlus and Samsung (including more devices from LG and Motorola), but it is also adding support for Apple's iPhone lineup.

Update: Google's blog post is live now too.

The draw of Project, er, Google Fi includes features like worldwide data in 170 countries at no extra cost, spam protection, data-only SIM cards for extra devices, and that sweet ability to switch between multiple cell carriers so-in theory-you're always getting the speediest network at a given time.

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Third, Google only charges you for the data you use each month - you pay $20 per month for unlimited talk and text, and then $10 per gigabyte of data.

Google Fi ditches the old yellow and green color scheme in favor of a combo of Google's iconic green, blue, red, and yellow hues and now has plenty of the fancy Google Sans font everywhere you look. These phones include special hardware and software to move effortlessly between Google Fi's networks and provide you with even more security and reliability through Fi's new enhanced network feature. The service, now simply called Google Fi (it rhymes with "eye"), is finally available for iPhones and a lot more Android devices.

What's missing when you use an iPhone or non-Fi-certified handset, of course, is Fi's unique network switching.

Officially supporting iPhones is particularly significant for Fi in the U.S, where tinkerers have always been experimenting with ways to get around Google's device restrictions, says Google product manager Dhwani Shah.

If you buy the 128GB Pixel 3 XL, you can mix-and-match individual gift cards for services like Delta Airlines, Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, and, equal to $999.

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