Police struggle to get body of American killed in Andaman island

Police struggle to get body of American killed in Andaman island

Police struggle to get body of American killed in Andaman island

With help from a friend, Chau hired the seven fishermen for US$325 to take him there on a boat, which also towed the kayak Chau used to reach the island the first time, Pathak said. North Sentinel is an outpost of the island chain, which is far closer to Myanmar and Thailand than to mainland India.

The Indian government adopted a policy of "isolation with minimal intervention" toward the Sentinelese and several other tribes in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which are in the Bay of Bengal off the eastern coast of India.

Chau also posted snapshots from his visit on his Instagram account.

"He was a beloved son, brother, uncle, and best friend to us", the statement read.

"[Chau] ventured out on his own free will and local contacts need not be persecuted for his own actions", the family said.

Social media posts show Chau was a keen traveler.

Chau said going back to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands was on the top of his adventure to-do list, the article said.

Chau also said in the blog: "I definitely get my inspiration for life from Jesus".

The region is home to five Stone Age tribes - believed to be the last in existence - who live completely cut off from the rest of the world and are protected by the Indian government.

A MISSIONARY who believed God had "called" him to convert a remote tribe to Christianity died in a hail of arrows when he landed on their remote island. After a missing report was registered, the subsequent enquiry revealed that John had been killed on a "misplaced adventure in the highly restricted area while trying to interact with the un-contacted people who have a history of vigorous rejection towards outsiders".

While the world has moved on to technology, these hunters and gatherers have never practised agriculture. Reportedly, only people with high-level access can enter the protected island which also houses defence forces with sensitive installations.

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Indian authorities make periodic checks on the tribe from boats anchored at a safe distance from shore.

The Survival International's director Stephen Corry blamed the India and authorities for the tragedy. In 2006, two local fishermen were killed by the tribes.

"Instead, a few months ago the authorities lifted one of the restrictions that had been protecting the Sentinelese tribe's island from foreign tourists, which sent exactly the wrong message, and may have contributed to this awful event". They burst out laughing most of the time, so they probably were saying bad words or insulting me.

Chau's zeal to spread the Christian gospel took him back to the remote island, where he apparently was killed last week by tribespeople after trespassing, authorities said.

What happened then isn't known, but on the morning of the following day, the fishermen watched from the boat as tribesmen dragged Chau's body along the beach and buried his remains.

He swam to the fishermen's boat, which was waiting for him, and went on to write down his experiences in the journal entries that have since been recovered, then set out again to meet the tribespeople on November 16. The body is yet to be recovered.

A source, whose name has been withheld, said Chau described some members of the tribe as being good to him while others became aggressive. "'Please do not be angry at them or at God if I get killed", he had written.

Reuters was unable to immediately trace contact details for Chau's family or a representative. The fishermen have been arrested by the police in the islands while Alex was questioned thoroughly.

For generations, Indian officials have heavily restricted visits to North Sentinel, with contact limited to rare "gift-giving" encounters, with small teams of officials and scientists leaving coconuts and bananas for the islanders.

A statement issued by the police for the Andaman and Nicobar islands late Wednesday said the police and India's coast guard carried out an aerial survey of Northern Sentinel Island on Tuesday.

Survival International, an organization that works for the rights of tribal people, said Chau may have been encouraged by recent changes to Indian rules about visiting isolated islands in the Andamans.

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