Museveni says boat that capsized in Lake Victoria not registered

Museveni says boat that capsized in Lake Victoria not registered

Museveni says boat that capsized in Lake Victoria not registered

"Such boats can not carry more than 50 people", said lawmaker Johnson Muyanja, who represents part of the district of Mukono, the site of the accident.

The blue boat that capsized belongs to the management of KK Palm beach on Mpatta island in Mukono district. "They might not have heard the emergency commands of the captain, who is still unaccounted for", tweetwed Museveni.

"Justine had been on three cruises before and I knew something was wrong yesterday because she always updated her WhatsApp and Facebook with selfies but last night she didn't", Serunjogi said.

"We suspect the mechanical condition of the boat and the weather contributed to the sinking". According to police sources, more than 70 people are still missing.

"They were shouting 'Help us!" The owners of the boat did not have a license to operate and had overloaded the boat well past the point of being safe.

"Our rescue team is still on the ground trying to rescue whoever we can find", he said.

By Sunday morning, UPDF said 30 bodies had been retrieved from the water and 26 other people rescued alive.

In a statement released this afternoon, the President also says Government has ordered for electronic registration and monitoring of all boats operating on lakes. Citing the accounts of some survivors, he said there was a good number of life jackets aboard the doomed vessel that passengers neglected to wear.

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The boat was reportedly hired out for weekend parties. Kayima updated on social media.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni offered condolences to the victims, adding that "according to preliminary information from the security services" the boat was "private, unregistered, unlicensed and maybe uninsured".

There was a party going on aboard the boat, with loud music, at the time of the accident, Museveni said.

Boat accidents are increasingly common on East Africa's large lakes, including Lake Victoria, which is surrounded by Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, and is larger than Switzerland.

He also noted that the ones in charge of the boat would be charged with criminal negligence and manslaughter.

He advised the public to take lessons from Saturday's tragedy, regarding safety.

In September, hundreds died when the MV Nyerere passenger ferry sank on the Tanzanian side.

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