Man killed in third shark attack in weeks on Great Barrier Reef

Man killed in third shark attack in weeks on Great Barrier Reef

Man killed in third shark attack in weeks on Great Barrier Reef

They anchored 23 kilometers from Airlie Beach in Cid Harbor, intending to spend their first night in the protected mooring location on Whitsunday Island, the largest uninhabited island of the group, O'Connell reported.

"Daniel is a rare individual who is constantly enthusiastic and positive", Prof O'Connell said.

French-speaking tourists launched a dinghy from their yacht and pulled Christidis to his own yacht, where most of the group had medical backgrounds, including two doctors.

Despite at least two of the people he was with being doctors, who immediately gave first aid, he died after being airlifted to hospital.

Queensland emergency services were able to reach the man and fly him to Mackay Base Hospital where he arrived in a critical condition.

RACQ CQ Rescue crewman Ben McCauley said the man's injuries were "absolutely horrific".

"It sounds to me that the animal came back or stuck around, so to me, that's more than an investigatory bite", she said.

In September, Melbourne girl, Hannah Papps, 12, received a life-threatening bite to her right leg while swimming in shallow water in Cid Harbour.

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"We have to make an assumption it was a tiger given the amount of tigers they caught in Cid Harbour following the last attack", Mr Long said.

"That is a safety strategy, trying to warn people of the issues in the area and to provide messaging to people who may not be aware of what happened in Cid Harbour yesterday and September", Insp O'Connell said.

Excluding Monday's incident, unprovoked shark attacks have killed one person and injured 16 others in Australia this year, according to the Australian Shark Attack File.

That attack had occured off Dent Island and 60-year-old tourist Patricia Trumbull survived lacerations to her buttocks and major blood loss.

The crew attended the scene on Whitsunday Island around dusk.

"It's vital that we take the advice of experts and focus on the science to inform our decisions", Mr Furner said.

"We have just had a fatal shark attack in the Whitsundays and today we have learned a dispute with the Palaszczuk government means there will be a ban on boat patrols for two weeks", she said.

Barwick's husband Craig said the measures were "understandable" and "appreciated" by his family, but the animals play an important role in the marine ecosystem.

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