Is A Breaking Bad Movie Going Into Production This Month?

Is A Breaking Bad Movie Going Into Production This Month?

Is A Breaking Bad Movie Going Into Production This Month?

Breaking Bad, the hit TV series that followed the transformation of Walter White - a human doormat/chemistry teacher who discovers he has terminal cancer - into the criminal mastermind behind an extensive and ambitious drugs operation, is coming back as a film.

I hear deals are still being made by Sony for the project, which could be a done as a feature if the producers go down that route or could become a TV film/miniseries if it is sold to a TV network or a streaming platform. Nobody's sure if it's a prequel, a continuation of Aaron Paul's narrative or something completely parallel and only tangentially related.

Production for the film is expected to begin mid-November at New Mexico. A possible story line would track "the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom," according to The Albuquerque Journal, which brought the news, Albuquerque being the original filming location for the series.

In February 2015, a spin-off prequel series called Better Call Saul debuted. Though the film office wouldn't confirm or deny that the project was a Breaking Bad film, the publication claims that a source close to the project confirmed the production.

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We do know that Gilligan will pen the script and executive-produce the film, and possibly direct it as well.

It's also not yet known if Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul will participate in any way.

How do you feel about the possibility of a Breaking Bad film focusing on Jesse Pinkman? In the clip, Bryan Cranston says he doesn't think Walter White is dead, which has big implications for what the movie could be.

Were you to find yourself face to face with an omnipotent sage and gifted the opportunity of posing any one question about the boundless mysteries of our merciless universe, you might be inclined to ask, "Um, how would a Breaking Bad movie even work?" There are certain limitations on continuing their stories from the show, as anyone who watched Breaking Bad no doubt realizes.

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