Oprah Winfrey Responds to Racist Robocalls Targeting Stacey Abrams

Oprah Winfrey Responds to Racist Robocalls Targeting Stacey Abrams

Oprah Winfrey Responds to Racist Robocalls Targeting Stacey Abrams

Kemp's opponent in the race, Democrat Stacey Abrams, brings historic implications to the campaign.

Former US President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, urged Kemp last month to step down from his election oversight role, saying keeping it while campaigning "runs counter to the most fundamental principle of democratic elections".

The offensive automated phone call uses derogatory language to refer to Winfrey and Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate for Georgia governor.

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Democrats have tried to turn the investigation around on Kemp, accusing him of suppressing thousands of minority votes.

Rebecca DeHart, executive director at the state Democratic Party, said no one from Kemp's office notified the Democratic Party or asked any question about the correspondence before issuing its public announcement of an investigation. He continued, "I can assure you if I hadn't done anything and the story came out that something was going on, you'd be going, 'Why didn't [he] act?'"

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Showdowns in Georgia and Florida pitting black Democratic candidates against white Republicans supported by President Donald Trump headline the three dozen governors' races being contested in Tuesday's US elections. He also said Wright had passed the details to the state Democratic Party.

Abrams, who would be the nation's first black female governor, has called Kemp "an architect of voter suppression" and says he's used his current post to make it harder for certain voters to cast ballots.

Democrats immediately cried foul, noting Kemp has offered no evidence for his claims and pointing out the massive conflict of interest in Kemp launching an investigation into the people he is running against in his own election campaign. Rachel Small is a volunteer for the Democratic Party of Georgia on our voter protection hotline. The man arrested in her death is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico and has pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder. Democrats say they want to move past the time in Georgia that they remember for segregation, voter suppression and racial oppression. Kemp has also been accused of failing to secure Georgia's voting system by allowing hackers to steal private data of six million registered voters in 2015. As voters visited the website to find their voting locations, they were greeted with the headline, "AFTER FAILED HACKING ATTEMPT, SOS LAUNCHES INVESTIGATION INTO GEORGIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY".

And even before his new allegation against his political rivals, Kemp had been criticized for holding up 53,000 voter registrations, citing an "exact match" law that requires the information on a registration application to be 100 percent identical with the information on a voter's identification document, down to punctuation marks.

In a blow to Kemp, a federal judge ruled Friday that Georgia must ease its "exact match" demands.

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