Races to watch in US midterm elections

Races to watch in US midterm elections

Races to watch in US midterm elections

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A video showing the menacing smile of an immigrant who murdered two USA police officers has abruptly taken a central role in President Donald Trump's closing midterm election argument about immigration - a move critics immediately denounced as a racist campaign tactic.

Four out of 10 of Nevada's active voters already have cast their ballots ahead of Tuesday's general election, with Democrats leading Republicans in statewide turnout 41 percent to 38 percent, the Secretary of State's Office said Saturday.

According to the latest opinion polls, the Democrats have a good shot at taking the lower house of Congress, but the Republicans are predicted to maintain control of the Senate. Trump won Missouri by almost 19 percentage points, and the state has shifted from a battleground to strongly Republican in recently elections.

Though Trump had frequently singled out numerous bomber's targets at his rallies - still attacking Hillary Clinton, his election opponent in 2016, for example, and then smiling as his audience chanted "Lock her up" - Trump's defenders tried to throw the spotlight elsewhere.

The appearance was meant to boost the campaign of Matt Rosendale, the Republican state auditor challenging Democratic U.S. Senator Jon Tester.

Wednesday brings the first test of whether the outpouring of liberal energy - visible in the sea of pink hats during the Women's March as well as the record number of female candidates, the protesters who showed up at airports after the Muslim travel ban and the activists who coalesced around "the resistance" - can be converted into votes for what had been a beleaguered Democratic Party.

But while the Senate might be out of reach for the Democrats now, their performance there will still have a significant impact on their chances of winning complete control of Congress in 2020 - an election which (unlike this one) will feature U.S. President Donald Trump's name on the ballot.

"Guess what? This movement got in the way ... we're pushing it way back where it came from".

Biden campaigned in OH on Saturday in support of Democrats US Senator Sherrod Brown and gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray.

"We're in a battle for America's soul", Biden, his voice faint and scratchy, told a crowd at a high school south of Cleveland.

Trump Lashes Out at Paul Ryan Over Birthright Vaporware
Trump insists his immigration moves have nothing to do with politics, even as he rails against the caravans at campaign rallies. The US will also send about 5,200 active-duty troops to "harden" the border, the Pentagon announced on Monday.

That's why Sunday's rally in Gary, a city that has more in common with the Democratic stronghold of nearby Chicago than deep red parts of the state, could prove strategic. "We choose hope over fear, we choose unity over division, we choose our allies over our enemies and we choose truth over lies".

In the closing weeks of the midterms, Trump has unleashed a no-holds-barred effort to boost Republicans as he dipped into the same undercurrents of unease that defined his 2016 campaign.

Friday, only a hundred military personnel had arrived in the town of McAllen (Texas), one of the main crossing points between the United States and Mexico, according to this spokesperson. Trump also threw his support behind U.S. House of Representatives 3rd District candidate Carol Miller and even endorsed Tim Armstead for the West Virginia Supreme Court at the behest of Gov. Jim Justice.

A similarly racist round of calls went out in August in Florida, targeting Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum, who is black.

NY law allows absentee voting only under particular circumstances, including absence on Election Day or illness. Joe Manchin, Morrisey's opponent.

But the Trump campaign was behind an earlier January 2018 video, released on its YouTube page, that featured Bracamontes's courtroom appearance.

The governor's mansion also is up for grabs and two key open House seats now held by Democrats are considered toss-ups.

Republican Carlos Curbelo, seeking re-election in a Democratic-leaning South Florida district, said he had not seen the video but criticised Mr Trump's use of it.

He said: "Welcome to Venezuela!"

With the U.S. midterm elections just a few days away, it's worth thinking about what they could mean for global markets. "We are seeing that in the early voting in all of these key House and Senate races, and Republicans have been matching, so literally Election Day voting is going to determine the balance of the House".

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