A single Mega Millions jackpot victor is reported, in SC

A single Mega Millions jackpot victor is reported, in SC

A single Mega Millions jackpot victor is reported, in SC

The Mega Millions jackpot grew so large because it had been almost three months since a player had matched all six numbers and won the top prize.

A man buys tickets for Tuesday's Mega Millions lottery drawing after the jackpot exceeded US$1.6 billion in New York City, New York, October 23, 2018.

The numbers drawn in Tuesday night's drawing are 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and Mega Ball 5.

A life-changing amount of money if you beat the odds and have the winning ticket, but only if you match all five numbers and the Megaball.

No additional details were immediately available. Depending on the state, winners have from 180 days to a year to claim their prize.

Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas lottery winners can stay anonymous if they want, ABC News reported.

The history-breaking jackpot topped the highest jackpot for Mega Millions of $656 million set in March 2012 and was close to the highest jackpot ever, Powerball's $1.586 billion prize in January 2016.

The victor will take home a whopping $1.6bn (£1.2bn) in the Mega Millions draw.

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The earlier estimate of $1.6 billion would have been a world record for lotteries, but actual sales came in just short of the estimate for a total of $1.537 billion, if paid out over 30 years.

Today's Powerball lottery prize stands at US$620 million, making it the fifth-largest jackpot in U.S. history, after no one got all six numbers in Saturday's drawing.

While most attention has focused on Mega Millions, Powerball also has been soaring.

And if you find that you are not mega-lucky from Tuesday night's drawing, there's always Powerball. Wednesday's will be the third-largest Powerball jackpot. One of those tickets was sold in Pennsylvania. The 620-million-dollar prize is the sixth largest prize in US history. The South Carolina ticket that won had all five numbers and the magic bullet, the Mega Ball 5. "Our obsession with lotteries, with gambling, is that unicorn feeling of, like, 'Maybe it'll be me,"' CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger said.

There has not been a Mega Millions ticket sold with "all six numbers" matching the drawing since July 24, allowing the jackpot to roll over for 13 consecutive weeks and the prize to swell.

Lottery officials said ticket sold in SC won the record-breaking prize.

The Mega Millions is open for Brits to play too.

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