Google is upgrading your purchased movies to 4K for free

Google is upgrading your purchased movies to 4K for free

Google is upgrading your purchased movies to 4K for free

Google launched the 4K resolution titles on its app a month after Google-owned YouTube started supporting the higher 4K resolution back in 2016.

Google has likewise disclosed that it won't charge the users additional for its 4K motion pictures any longer - they'll now cost the equivalent as their HD form on the stage. The free upgrade only applies to movies purchased before today.

Google just announced that it's upgrading all previously purchased movies to 4K (if a 4K version is available) free of charge. A handful of those titles can also be rented in 4K for £6.99.

Lastly, with Samsung, LG and Vizio TVs, Google has updated the Play Movie & TV app's appearance to look more modern with a revamped user interface.

We think watching in 4K should be a no brainer, so we're continuously working to make that a reality.

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Serridge shares the following new 4K improvements for the service.

The caveat is that you need to have purchased the film in one of the aforementioned lower resolutions (either HD or SD) and, more importantly, there needs to be an equivalent 4K version on the Google Play Store. All of this will take place behind the scenes and won't require you to fill out a form to process the upgrade.

As of today, Google says "most 4K movies on Google Play will cost you less, so you have more options to enjoy upgraded movies".

When you open the Play Movies & TV app, Google will notify you indicating which specific titles have been upgraded. 4K movies used to sit at around $30.

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