NOAA predicting mild winter in New England

NOAA predicting mild winter in New England

NOAA predicting mild winter in New England

USA meteorologists say winter is looking wet and especially mild for much of the country, thanks to a weak El Nino brewing.

The Climate Prediction Center, a part of the National Weather Service, is calling for a mild winter for most of the United States.

Overall, no part of the forecast to have below-average temperatures.

Based on NOAA's Winter Outlook, they're predicting a 70% to 75% chance of El Nino forming this fall and lasting through the winter.

The forecasters published their predictions for US weather in December, January, and February on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website on Thursday, saying only the southeast USA will have a standard winter with temperatures and precipitation keeping in line with historic averages. The WYMT Weather team will have their 2018-2019 Winter Outlook for Eastern Kentucky on Tuesday, November 20th. However, Halper said, it's not expected to be quite as strong as the El Nino that helped lead to the record warm 2015-2016 winter season.

"No part of the favored to have below-average temperatures", Halpert said.

Don't reach for those hand-warmers just yet - it may be a mild winter in most of the United States this year.

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Drought conditions are forecast to stay put this winter in the Southwest, Southern California, central Great Basin, central Rockies, Northern Plains and portions of the interior Pacific Northwest.

From December to February the temperature is above average (for this period) is expected in the Western, southeastern, Central and northwestern States, as well as in Hawaii and even in Alaska.

El Niño winters typically divide the country into two halves: north and south.

Warmer-than-normal conditions are anticipated across much of the northern and western USA, with the greatest likelihood in Alaska and from the Pacific Northwest to the Northern Plains. "The maps show only the most likely category with higher probability indicating greater confidence".

NOAA also doesn't forecast specific snow ranges for the season as there's very little accuracy this far out.

The tropical Pacific has gradually warmed recently, leading to the expectation that an El Nino will develop and affect weather during December, January and February, the federal agency said.

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