To replace streetlights, China will launch 3 artificial moons!

To replace streetlights, China will launch 3 artificial moons!

To replace streetlights, China will launch 3 artificial moons!

The man-made moon is essentially an illumination satellite created to complement the moon at night, though it is predicted to be eight times brighter, the scientist added.

According to the state-run People's Daily, the artificial moon-which is basically a glowing satellite-will launch in 2020, courtesy of Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute.

The "artificial moon" would be bright enough to lit an area with a diameter of 10km to 80km and which coverage area could be controlled within "a few dozen meters".

While it might sound implausible, Wu says the technology has been in the works for years and has now "matured" toward readiness.

It will complement the moon to make Chengu's night skies brighter when it launches in 2020, potentially serving as a replacement to conventional streetlights.

Though skeptics have expressed doubt over whether the company will ever actually launch such a device, it does again raise questions over whether it is wise to fill the night sky with artificial lights.

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Rather than using up energy here on Earth, the satellite would reflect the Sun's rays from the other side of the planet back on to Chengdu.

Some experts who support the plan suggest that it'll produce little more than a "twilight glow" that shouldn't change how animals behave, but nobody will know for certain until the satellite is up and running.

The project has sparked concern from the public, as many began to worry that the lights reflected from space could affect the daily routines of certain animals.

The idea came from a French artist who suggested that a "necklace made of mirrors above the earth.could reflect sunshine through the streets of Paris all year round", People's Daily says. The People's Daily also clarified that the satellite created to complement the natural moonlight, describing it as "similar to a dusk-like glow".

The scheme developed by Russian Federation used a device called Znamya 2.

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