Kanye's White House 'circus' is worrying business partners

Kanye's White House 'circus' is worrying business partners

Kanye's White House 'circus' is worrying business partners

Following Kanye West's rant at the White House, fellow celebs have been slamming the rapper, but perhaps this new diss stings the most.

West told reporters at the Oval Office he loves Clinton.

West spoke to reporters for almost 10 minutes in the Oval Office.

While the concept of a hydrogen plane is exciting, the technology isn't quite there yet in terms of powering such a large aircraft as Air Force One.

"It was from the soul".

That being said, he told Wolf Blitzer: 'Listen, I have zero animosity for Kanye West.

The rapper's, er, memorable (for many, many reasons) meeting with Donald Trump yesterday (11 October) enthralled and baffled us all in equal measure - and the fun didn't stop once the cameras had turned off, either.

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Kanye West climbed onto the table of an Apple store in Washington DC where he gave a seemingly impromptu "keynote" address where he said President Donald Trump is open to "adjusting and listening" just after he met Trump in the White House.

The rapper also shot down the idea that all black people should support the Democrats. "He gets it", before adding he "could very well be" a future presidential candidate".

The unlikely friendship between Donald Trump and Kanye West took another freaky turn on Thursday, when the hip-hop star launched into an expletive-laden monalogue in support of the United States president during a visit to the Oval Office. Per TMZ, he also gifted Trump with a custom designed "Make America Great" hat, while Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner received "Make Earth Great Again" and "Space Travel Again" headwear.

CNN anchor Don Lemon declared it a "minstrel show" and said West's mother was "rolling over in her grave".

It was announced earlier this week that Kanye West is slated to meet with fellow purveyor of "dragon energy" Donald Trump in the White House. West chipped in to say "Only after, it would have to be 2024".

Mr Trump said: "That's really nice". In almost 10 minutes of freewheeling remarks, West talked about Trump being a father figure, time not existing, feeling like Superman wearing the red hat, and more in a odd scene.

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